HootSuite Certified Professional

HootSuite Certified ProfessionalIn addition to Code Academy, I’ve been learning on lot on the social media front.  I’ve been taking HootSuite University classes and just completed the professional certification; I earned a 98% on the exam on first try!

Biggest takeaway:  HootSuite has a lot of granular options

I first explored their service back in 2009 when I was leading the team that launched the social networking presence for the Center for Economic Growth, before Melanie LaRose took the reins.  They’ve refined their services a lot since then and not only to add new social networks to their application.

One addition, which is still in Beta, is HootSuite Conversations.  HS users can invite other HS users and non-HS users, paste specific posts into conversations to discuss as well as post and like those messages on social networks they manage.

HootSuite has been a busy bee owl this year having

This effort recently paid off with with a Series B to the tune of $165 million to “…fuel growth & innovation.”  It will be interesting to see what truly innovative ideas they come up with/implement next & if those products/services/enhancements are really innovative – unlike Conversations which, while cool, is just someone else’s innovation applied to their service.

HootSuite Certified Professional


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