Time to get back on the stick!

Codeacademy, teaching the world to codeOver the past 6 mos or so I’ve spent time stoking my creative/crafty side & enjoying the summer, it’s true.  I realized I’ve learned a lot so far this year & haven’t been documenting it.  

My first step into the pool of coding: As an advertising major in Silicon Valley I feel like I’m not fulfilling my duties as a citizen not knowing how to program.  

Step One: Go to a Meetup & see what it’s all about.  

I joined Women Who Code (SF) & attended their d.Shop Dialogues at IDEO in Palo Alto.  The event was great & I met a lot of awesome people, one of whom was a designer trying to learn code herself.  She recommended Learning Web Design, A beginner’s guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web graphics.  Thanks Nivita!  

Step Two: Read & Learn.  

This took a while, but I made it to the end feel like I’m starting to earn my keep.  While the book title reads HTML, CSS, JS and web graphics, HTML & CSS take up over 75% of the book.  I recommend it to anyone else looking for a start in HTML & CSS.  Since HTML & CSS aren’t for building, I haven’t made anything real yet.  I have however, oh best beloved, picked up a Java Script class via Code Academy, which has been a lot of fun so far!

Eight badges down, lots to go!


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