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I attended the Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source meetup: Bringing New Technology to Market, Tesla Motors’ Sourcing Strategy hosted at Mentor Graphics in Fremont tonight.  The presentation was given by Milo Werner of Tesla.  She talked a lot about Tesla’s earlier years when the young company outsourced several aspects from body design to PEMs (power electronic modules).  Some of this I knew, but what surprised me the most was that Tesla outsourced their battery manufacturing to a BBQ manufacturer in Thailand (minute 15 in vid below).  Sounds pretty random until Milo started explaining the reasoning.  She said major battery manufacturers were hesitant to partner with Tesla for their own PR protection.  AKA, if Tesla built a car that blew up, no one wanted their name on the battery and the bad press that would likely follow such a disaster.

The presentation didn’t seem to contain any secret sauce-like content, but the meetup was worthwhile as I always meet interesting people through this group and hot dinner was served!

In case you’re interested: video of a similar presentation by Milo below:


Right on Jon Favreau!  Although, I do admit to taking second-half breaks during the commercials since the 49ers stepped it up – but luckily didn’t miss Samsung’s ad.

I must say this was my favorite ad this year.  But what else happened??

Superbowl ratings maintained strong viewership, however this isn’t the case for other major televised events such as the World Series.  According to TvByTheNumbers, SB47 drew a

46.3/69 (Fast National Household rating/share, 2nd highest-rated Super Bowl in 27 years  to SB20 in 1986 @48.3/70).

108.41 million viewers (3rd most-watched program in television history (SB46 – 111.3 million; SB45 – 111.0 million).

Social media is on the rise as well.  Although FB hasn’t reported definite figures, it seems Twitter has come out on top.  Sysomos (see cool infographic) reported the number of Tweets for previous Superbowls at 3.01 million 13.7 million in 2011 & 2012;  The SF Chronicle reported 24.1 million tweets were tweeted during SB47, though not all about football:

“… the peak came at the end of singer Beyoncé’s halftime performance, with 268,000 tweets per minute.”

Marketers also took advantage of Twitter on the fly:

[During the power outage], the Oreo team turned to Twitter to tweet, “Power outage. No problem,” with a link to a cookie photo that read, “You can still dunk in the dark.”

That message has been retweeted more than 15,000 times, and the total is closer to 26,000 counting the number of Twitter members who quoted the tweet and added their own comments, according to an analysis by San Francisco’s

Facebook only reported that the 2nd largest number of posts were generated the day of SB47, after New Years.

Lessons learned:

1.) For the price of a good social media team, publicity they can generate can go a long way (I bet Oreo got more attention than SodaStream).

2.)  Some reports estimate 50% of TV ads contained a social media-type call to action.  Extend the big TV investments w/ social media and open the doors for more engagement.